My Autobiographies

Hello Readers!

Looking back make me smile. It also makes me realize how much of a Christian experience I have had! Reviewing my writings causes me to love Jesus more. :) I didn’t want to stop typing up more of my autobiography called “He Leadeth Me.” But I should stop and consider the fact that I need decent sleep for the next day. *Blushes*

My first autobiography that I had typed out on Microsoft Word is called “Be Thou My Vision.” It includes Bible studies (based on soul winning and women’s role in soul-winning ministry), poems, and personal testimonies (including my days at Hartland College). It was designed to strengthen the Christian walk. The next one is called “This is my Story!” and it includes my days at M.E.E.T. Ministry: from the time I had developed tendonitis to the time when my entire bill at M.E.E.T. Ministry was paid in full. The one I am typing up now is in a notebook I have saved since 2003.

I have given several copies of “Be Thou My Vision” away. I only ask for a donation of about $15.00 to pay for printing out the book (and binding) at a copy place (so I can pay for labor and to create two books for the price of one). This was when I was still creating newsletters with Women to Women Ministries so some of the profits went towards paying to make copies of this newsletter as well. I have never made any copies of “This is my Story!” just yet. And since I am still typing up “He Leadeth Me,” it will be a while for me to have that one ready for others to read.

The thought did occur to me to just make it available through the Internet. However, there is something about having a physical book that will be more of a commitment in honestly reading it. Plus, I can sign a personal note in the physical book (in which I don’t recall if I ever signed any of them just yet).

I had one of my autobiography books that I was in the progress of typing up on my belovedgeliebt Xanga blog; called “Day by Day.” But I got to a part of my story where I had “lost” this person (he told me to stop contacting me) that I never went back to finishing this portion of my life story. Unfortunately, policies at Xanga changed so I no longer have access to this blog unless I pay for it. So, I archived the blog instead and saved a copy of the blog on my computer. :P

Hmm… I should cut and paste those files and bind “Day by Day” in a book! But it’s not complete and so much time has past that I have forgotten a lot of the story. And because the lost was so traumatic, my memory forced myself to forget a lot of what was tied to that person.

I honestly should grab another notebook and write what is happening in my life NOW so I can, one day, write it all out and have another autobiography to type out once things in my life slows down (ex: done with school). Or I should look back and write my testimony of how I went so “left-field” in dabbling into Satanic stuff before I decided to choose God and let all that wicked stuff go. Only a few know about that and it’s such a powerful testimony. I should share it.

So, to sum it up, I have two autobiographies that are complete and ready for anyone to have if they are willing to donate money towards it. Unfortunately, I can only give it to you by hand and not through mail unless you are willing to pay for shipping. I love to share my autobiographies because I believe testimonies are what encourages us to hold on to the hand of God. Strengthening one another is very important in these last days. May we continue to encourage one another. This is my prayer.

Winter II Semester Almost Over

Hello Readers!

It’s been a while. This semester has been a busy one! I have Marriage and Family Therapy II with Dr. Coombs on Mondays, Child and Adolescent Problems and Treatment with Dr. French on Wednesdays, and two classes with Dr. Dickinson on Thursdays (Clinical Practicum II and Assessment and Appraisal). I also see a client on Thursdays at the Counseling Suite at Southern Adventist University. I am almost done with my direct hours for Clinical Practicum II so I am so grateful! It’s been a ruff ride between this semester and last semester that I thought I would not make it.

The month of February was a month of prayer. I had asked friends and family to join me with a month of fasting. I didn’t fast with food (as in taking something away). Instead, I had added to my weekly routine and took away one entertainment for that month. Prayers were answered with either a “yes” or a “no.” Within this month, we lost one of the counseling students. My fellow classmates and I were not able to get the details because of confidentiality reasons. But because of this event and two other events, there was a town hall meeting for the counseling students and two of the faculty members were present at the meeting. The director of the counseling program wanted to ensure us that Southern was not trying to hide anything from the students. Instead, they were protecting the people who were involved (confidentiality). The director also wanted to remind us the proper protocol of addressing a situation that we do not like and desire change (ex: the way a professor may run his or her class). For most of us, the town hall meeting was beneficial.

March was another busy month for me. Balancing time to continue to attempt to finish a class in progress (IP) from last semester plus the class requirements for the current semester was becoming stressful. I had to make a decision to try to continue to get four of the same counseling group members in five separate group counseling sessions or to accept my C grade for the class. The counseling group was a psychoeducation group: stress management. I entitled it “How to Handle Hot Soup” and we used the book Don’t Eat the Soup as Hot as they Cook It! by Cameron Johnston: It is a lovely book! I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the same four individuals to be in five sessions so I cancelled the group meetings. It started at the beginning of the semester. By the time I got to around the beginning of April, I rather focus on the papers that were due for this semester instead of attempting to write progress notes and a summary paper when I am so close to finals. If I had finished up the group at the beginning of April, there would have been less stress and less papers due around the same time. Plus, I received an email from Records saying that if my professor didn’t have my final grade for Counseling Group and Procedures class by a certain time frame, I would get an F for that class. :/

April is when a lot of papers for Assessment and Appraisal is due. So many Case Study Reports that I was barely able to begin writing an outline for my Assessment Instruments paper (10-page paper). It is due on Thursday and I am almost done with it (Hallelujah!). I finished my last Treatment Plan for Children and Adolescent Problems and Treatment as well as my last Book Critique for Marriage and Family Therapy II. Whew! It was getting to be a serious battle in keeping up with all these papers. I have my first final next week (Assessment and Appraisal). Then the following week, I have Marriage and Family Therapy II (Oral Exam) and Children and Adolescent Problems and Treatment finals.

I have two interviews for a potential interview site for this month. I wasn’t accepted at SkyRidge Westside. I emailed the gentleman who interviewed me to ask why I wasn’t accepted so I will know what I need to improve on. He never answered that email. I have my second interview with Health Connect America this Friday. I hope I get to do my internship there. I will be doing my internship during the summer and fall semesters. The other class I will have for the summer is Crisis Counseling.

I guess that should do it. Wow! Over 700 words? I had a lot to update about. I really should blog here more often. It’s just hard to when I have so much class work to do. :'(

My Mojo is Back!!! :D

Hello Readers,

After writing the last blog, I realized that I just needed to start seeing clients. I needed to help someone. So, after talking to a couple of clients this week by phone (to schedule appointments for next week), my mojo is back!!! :D What a relief!

Umm… I guess that’s all there is tonight. I would have written here earlier but I spent two hours reviewing my AOL mailbox of over 6K (yes, that is 6,000) junk email. Needless to say, I don’t go to that email address much. The last time I visit it to do such “spring cleaning” was 2012? Or was it 2011? :P I kinda “let it go” and sent all my junk email there (when companies ask for your email address, I give them that one).

Need to Get Back into the Game (GET MOTIVATED!!!)

Hello Readers,

Winter II semester started last week and I’m still having the “back to it” blues. :( I thought that if all my other hobbies have failed to motivate me, writing is my last resort. :/ I haven’t been keeping up with  my blogging anyway so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.

I got my research proposal paper back a few weeks ago (for Research and Program Evaluation class). After reading over about the third or fourth correction/comment, I stopped looking it over and went to see my grade. I forgot what grade I got on it so I went to find it but Southern’s eClass website only allows you to review the current semester (for the life of me, I cannot find the previous semester archives on this website) so I cannot even share what I got. I think it was a B. All that matters is that I passed that class and won’t have to repeat it again. OH! I also learned a lot from that class. So that matters, too. :)

I am currently starting up another counseling group (have an “In Progress” for last semester’s Group Counseling and Procedures class). The topic will be on stress management. It will be held on Sundays instead of during the week.

I think when I actually start seeing clients again, my motivation will spark up once again. I think all of the reading and assignments are dulling me out. When I start practicing it again with real clients (instead of these long drawn out case studies for class) that things will look up. I just show up for class and feel totally “off” at times. I’m so tired of classes!!! :'(

I’m 1/3 of the way in finish reading the second textbook (out of six; not counting the case study book and Dr. Coombs’s compilation book) for Marriage and Family Therapy II. The 10 Lessons to Transform your Marriage was a great book! I’m really liking The Science of Trust. These books seem more solid than last semester’s books. Marriage and Family Therapy I was like a foundation for us to get into the depths of marriage and family matters.

Child and Adolescent Problems and Treatment shows the reality of how complex us humans are. It’s like what Dr. French said last night during class, it’s a challenge to figure out what the root of the problem is when counseling children and adolescents because you are dealing with biological, psychological, emotional, social, and cultural influences that make each individual unique. Because children don’t have the same min set as adults, as counselors, we have to avoid the temptation to say “what were you thinking” because a lot of times, the child doesn’t have the decision-making ability yet. They often do things because it sounds fun. But as counselors, we can help them to develop this process by having them to review (as in hindsight) if their behavior was a good thing or not.

I liked the case study we had reviewed for class yesterday. It was about a 12 year old Hispanic boy who had been lived after being hit and dragged by a car. Although the doctors found no physical reason for him to be experiencing pain in his abdomen, he felt pain. Dr. French gave us the advice to never argue with a client about pain. Pain is real to them. He told us another approach (my mind went blank… it starts with an “I”). The enmeshed relationship with this 12 year old’s mother was not helpful in the boy’s recuperation. The mother kept responding every time the boy was in pain. The boy had to learn how to handle the pain on his own instead of receiving comfort from mom every time he said “oww, it hurts.” Mom won’t be there always and he needed to get off of the meds before he became an addict. Instead of comforting him, the mom could have said “I’m proud of you getting through this painful time right now” or something similar to show that the mom still cares but she is empowering him to know that he can get through this.

Today, I have Clinical Practicum II and Assessment and Appraisal. I need to motivate myself to start research on the person I will use to assess different dynamics of this individual. I need to read, wash my dredlocks, and GET MOTIVATED!!! Take it one step at a time. Remember to do self care. And give myself permission to laugh! ;)

Fall II Semester Almost Over

Hello Readers,

Fall II semester is almost over. Wow! What a semester! My research proposal (for Research and Program Evaluation class) is finally written out. I finished it last week. Now only need to edit it like crazy until I have a final draft.

In the “Fall II Semester” blog entry, I had written about two clients (for Clinical Practicum II class). Both of those clients (as well as two others) have been terminated. Two were initiated by clients and two by student counselor (myself). One of these two was because of failure to come to scheduled appointments (missed four appointment times) and the other was in need of a social worker instead of a student counselor. I have six active clients and most of them I will have to continue to see after the winter break. One, I had successfully made one appointment with but the client failed to come to that appointment (about a month ago). Client failed to return calls to make another appointment so I might have to turn in the client’s chart to my supervisor. Already warned client that if I call one more time and no response, I will be giving chart to supervisor. This means the client can still be seen at the Counseling Suite but will see another student counselor (or can still see me if the client requests me).

Whew! What a semester! I cannot stop saying that.

For the Group Counseling and Procedures class, I will not be able to complete a class requirement before the semester is over. I was to create my own group and write a weekly progress report and then write a summary once the group counseling sessions were over. However, I was unable to get four of the same people to come to five sessions. :( So… I will have to do an extension (IP: In Progress) on this class. No worries! It looked as if I wasn’t going to get my 20 direct hours in Clinical Practicum II before the semester was over. But because I got two clients who are striving to get so many sessions in to get extra credit for their class, it has to happen! :D I was down to 10.8 direct hours (or some odd number like that). Now, I have about 15 direct hours (with two weeks, ten weekdays, left). Because 45 minutes are considered one clinical hour, I should get it done. It wasn’t that I didn’t have faith that I could do it. It was up to the clients to show up and not forget their appointments. So I was sitting in the seat of reality for a while. I was comfortable in accepting this as my possible fate.

There’s nothing to say about Marriage and Family Therapy I class. I was disappointed. Although I was forced to take this course, I wanted to learn how to use the skills to help a marriage or family unit. I feel like I need to learn more. It seemed superficial. So… I’m taking number two of this class next semester. I kept hearing about the family systems model but got more about it from Theories and Techniques of Psychotherapy class than in Marriage and Family Therapy I class. So disappointing. :( Even the choice theory and the attachment theory (in which I learned from other classes) was so disappointing. Both books that I had paid to keep in both subjects (“Becoming Attached” and “Choice Theory”) I will be selling to :(

I can’t think of anything else to share so I guess that’s a wrap for now! :)

Fall II Semester

Hello Readers,

I will not tell a lie. This semester (Fall II) is the tuffest (Wait. Is that a word? O_o) of the clinical mental health counseling program at Southern Adventist University. Well, at least so far. When I looked over the program calender over a year ago, I had dreaded to arrive to this semester. And now that I have arrived and have been “sitting” in it… living and breathing it… for about five weeks, I kid you not. It’s CRAZY!!!


But… I did want to take some time to share the blessings from this semester. I have been able to see two clients in the Counseling Suite. Because of confidentiality, I will not go into detail. But I do want to say that it has been a growing experience. I love it! To be able to sit there and just let the clients figure out things in their own life is such a blessing. It keeps me humble. I just give what I have learned and allow the client to do it (find healing and grow) with a guiding hand, I cannot tell you with words what it is like.

Research class (Research and Program Evaluation). Yea… This one is a hassle. But I have enjoyed researching about the topic that I have chosen as a research proposal. I would like to actually see the results of this research so maybe I will submit this research proposal somewhere once I get through this class.

I’m also taking Marriage and Family Counseling I, Group Counseling and Procedures, and Clinical Practicum II. Clinical Practicum II is the class that actually has me seeing clients at the Counseling Suite on campus. Marriage and Family Counseling I is with Dr. Coombs. This is my first class with him but I was warn ahead of time that he will require all the textbooks on the list. Each textbook is a jewel for this class so I’m loving it!

Group Counseling and Procedures has been an interesting class. The first portion of the class is lecture and the second portion of the class is “hands-on”: we actually participate in a group. The class has been split in half and every week, one of the students are facilitating the group.

My notebook is about to die (9% left) so I guess I’m done writing. :/