The Beginning of March 2018

Hello Readers,

Not much to update but, since I haven’t even written here for this year, I thought I would say a few words.

My baby girl is still in my belly. She is very wiggling and I wonder if this was what my Mom felt when I was in her belly. She thought I was a boy since I was moving so much. I am her second girl so my sister was the inactive one. I tease my Mom and say “I still have a lot of energy while my sister…” Well, you guess what I had said next. It is in a loving way. *Sings* I love my sister, I do!

I’m loving my seasonal job with H&R Block; working the front office! It’s been a blast but, unfortunately, it will be ending soon (April 17th, I believe). I hope us H&R Block associates will have a type of end-of-the-tax-season party (for just us associates to say “Good bye” to each other). When it comes to getting another job right away, I told my husband I want to actually spend time with our new born before starting up working again. I need to actually do those two courses the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) requires me to do prior to obtaining intern status in California. Once I obtain intern status, I have a job lined up for me (as in my counseling career). Hmm… I need to actually send an email to the respective personnel to let her know that I am still interested in that position; I’ll make a note of that to do so.

As for driving, I haven’t been able to find someone who will be consistent with me. My husband already said that, once we get our own vehicle, he will be the one that will be my teacher. Today, after lunch, I drove a bit in the parking lot to practice my turns and parking.

Oh! Another good news is that my husband and I (as well as our children, of course) are about to move into our own place. We should be able to move in about two weeks (Yay!!!).

Well, I guess I DID have a lot to say (as in update). Hee, hee!

I doubt if I will be back at my blog until after my daughter is born (she’s due in May) so… yea! 🙂



Updates Before 2017 Is Gone

Hello Readers,

I found out what type of sex the unborn baby will be about two weeks ago; it’s a girl! So, once this one is born, I will have a boy and a girl (a complete set)! I’m speaking as of children are toys. LOL! But it’s nice to know before I give birth what the sex of the baby will be.

Another update: H&R Block training for the receptionist (also known as client service professional) has been a blast! At first, I had to figure out why I couldn’t clock in (yes, it’s pain training) at home. Then I realized that the H&R Block office where I work still uses Internet Explorer (Yeck!) so I tried to use that web browser at home and then it worked! However, Internet Explorer at home would not allow me to watch their videos while using Block Academy (the app that is for training purposes). So, I found out with Chrome that it is blocked (as in a pop-up). Therefore, I have to clock in by using Internet Explorer and then use Chrome to watch the videos for the training (just select the “allow pop-up” option). Well, I finally finished the training today (yay, me!) but my boss would like me to come into the office on Tuesday for hands-on training. Yay!

Umm… I believe that is it (as in updates).

Hmm… Yea, there is really nothing else to update on. Except I was able to drive one time in my sister’s rental (yes, she was the passenger so I did it all legal). That was the first time I had driven at night. I was originally going to just back up so my Dad could remove his car from the garage but she had me to drive around a couple of blocks. So, I really need to get more practice in driving before it is October 2018 or I will have to pay once again for the knowledge test and the driving test. Wait! Is it just for the driving test since I already passed the knowledge test? O_o I have to double-check on that one. :/

Well, Happy New Year to my readers and I hope this year will be an awesome year for you!


Exam, Wildlife, Selling on Amazon, and Training

Hello Readers,

I didn’t update about how the exam for my life insurance agent went. I passed! I was determined to take it despite my flu-like symptoms; not sure if it was the result of having my flu shot or if I actually had the flu. I was on day one of taking my amoxicillin and went to the test center with a mask on. I only had two coughing spells but kept on taking the exam. Now that I am writing it many days later, I cannot recall how many I had correct. There were 75 questions and they gave us (I was taking the exam with others) an hour and a half. I finished with about 15 minutes left. As the result of passing this exam, the state is in the process of paperwork so I can officially say I have my California Insurance Life-Only Agent license.

In the meantime, I have continued my field training with my upline, Claudia Zamora, at Primerica. Because I cannot discuss services/products offered by Primerica without my license or certifications, I cannot share such items on my own. There is at least one more license I need to obtain to be able to do so: Securities license (teaching how to invest money). I have known about Primerica since 2012 and I plan to continue with this amazing company that desires to educate everyone about finances so that everyone will know their financial options. So my next step would be to obtain securities license.

Last week was a rather interesting one. My poor mother was sick with flu-like symptoms but didn’t believe she received the symptoms from me. She was unable to attend the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex in Willows, CA. This was a trip planed by Capital City SDA Church. I went with my father and my two boys. There were many different types of birds and they were either flying or spending their time on the waterlike marsh area. It was very beautiful!

Here is my favorite photo that I had took of the experience while riding on the bus (we stepped off of the bus for about an hour to view the birds without glass in between):

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex

The following day, I went to a few stores with a friend in hoping to find their clearance section and buy items that we can sell them on Amazon using the FBA method ( Yes, this is legal. As long as it is yours (you own the item), you can buy it and then sell it on Amazon. My friend had thought up the idea and decided to use my selling and socializing skills to help her with the online portion of this affair. I was excited but sadden that our outcome was zero items. The first place, Walmart, had WiFi for us to look up the item online before buying but the Walmart was too new; no clearance section. The second place had clearance but no WiFi. When we finally arrived to Target, the items they had on clearance could not be sold brand new or we wouldn’t have made a profit. We will try again tomorrow.

I had finally heard from H&R Block in regarding a job position! I totally forgot I had applied online months ago. They interviewed me on Friday for the receptionist job position. The interviewer asked me if I didn’t mind working at other H&R Block offices. I told her that as long as I am able to get to the office by Regional Transit (RT), I don’t mind being assigned to another office. Right before I was able to update here at WordPress, another H&R Block office manager called me to ask if I was willing to work in the Rancho Cordova area. I told her that was fine because I had went by light rail to the Rancho Cordova area before and knew I could get to her office. She is willing to give me paid-training and will keep in touch with me; will email me some details. She asked me to be prepared to come in on Wednesday at a specific time to start my training. Praise the Lord!


It’s Been A While

Hello Readers!

No, I haven’t forgot about my blog. I’ve just haven’t found a time where I can write and not be interrupted. It’s been a while since I have written here (two months ago). Here’s a brief update: still not working, still looking for job, and still don’t have intern status in California to start mental health counseling career.

But on a positive side, I am 13 weeks pregnant! We don’t know if it is a boy or a girl just yet. So I have been spending my time maintaining my health for myself and the unborn child. I have also obtained my driving learner’s permit (passed the knowledge test on my first try). I have up to a year to practice on the roads before I need to return to DMV to take my driving test. If I wait past a year, I will have to pay once again for my test.

I have been called to several interviews through SCUSD (Sacramento City Unified School District) but haven’t received a call back for a job. I had went with the recommendation of a staff member at my child’s school. She had recommended me to apply for vacancy job position within the school district (since she knows that I have a master degree). I have mostly applied for special aide teacher assistant job position.

Oh! I almost forgot that I am now able to study for my life insurance exam through Primerica Financial Services. I had started with Primerica in November 2012 but haven’t obtained my life insurance agent license. I plan to take the exam next week.

I believe that is all in regarding to updating my blog. I will try to update at a faster rate (ex: will say if the unborn child is a boy or a girl).


The Response From The California Board Of Behavioral Sciences

Hello Readers,

A couple of days ago, I received the response from the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS).

Side Note:

To read the background of this, please go to:

And/or go to:

The result was as I thought it would be (upon reading over the requirements that were found in the out-of-state application): I need more coursework.

Response from BBS - September 2017 (1 of 2)

Response from BBS - September 2017 (2 of 2)

From what I recalled was that BBS would give you resources on where to go to do the coursework. The letter was all that I had received. So what does one do when he/she gets in a rough spot? He/she calls home. So, in a respectable manner, University of Phoenix (UoP) is home for me when it comes to the foundation of my college education. Without UoP, I wouldn’t have the required pre-curriculum needed to continue my journey towards my master degree. So, I say this respectively because Southern Adventist University is also a great place to study. However, before I was a Southern Adventist University alumni, I was a University of Phoenix alumni.

When I finally found the contact number to UoP (this was Wednesday), I was connected to Michael Patelis, Senior Military Enrollment Representative. I explained my case to him and he humbly bowed to my situation; as in not wanting to mess me up since I was so deep into my journey of finishing. So he told me he would have Tricia Downan contact me because she is the one that is in depth with the California laws. In the meantime, I was to email her what I had told him on the phone so she would be prepared to help me out prior to calling me.

The following day (Thursday), Tricia called me to let me know she was already looking into my case. She let me know what I also thought was true: I wouldn’t be able to get the Psychopharmacology course paid for through a student loan. However, UoP does have this class with Marriage and Family Therapy online and onsite course. They also have availability for one class teaching (for this information, she is waiting for an Amy to contact her). Tricia will also need to contact the dean to request this one class teaching since I already have my degree.

After knowing all of this, I shared it with my husband. Since I am not working, I wouldn’t have the funds to pay but my husband is so supportive that he is willing to pay in installments. I told him I would look into other options (not just choose UoP only) so I can see other prices for the same course.

As for the rest of the coursework, I had no idea where to go. This is when the Black Therapists ROCK private Facebook group page was very helpful to me. One of the fellow members told me about Since I was mostly concerned about doing the California law and professional ethics course, I looked that up first: Then another fellow member shared with me this one: I am so grateful for being able to talk to others who either were or still am in my situation. The encouragement I received from fellow therapists were heartwarming. They told me to keep going! They told me just go ahead and take those courses. Some of them are a part of CE (continued education).

So, despite the fact that I am now taking not one but two steps back (because California laws are that strict), I am so grateful. 🙂


My Life After K-Designers

Hello Readers,

Unfortunately, K-Designers let me go earlier this week but I was already having a feeling it would happen. I wasn’t making the basic number of productivity and that is what makes the call center representative job position challenging. So I was trying to look into other jobs but I either found myself needing to go to bed or preparing for work.

Yesterday, I dug into my job hunting physical files and electronic ones. I went back to an email I received from calling Volt Workforce Solutions way back in June. I used the link that was in that email to go to their website to fill out online application. Then I called to ask them what was next. She scheduled me in to go to the building this morning. She told me I would be tested in Microsoft Excel. I had a crash course of MS Excel (went through an almost two hour training through Sacramento Public Library access about two months ago) before leaving for interview this morning. We were also tested (I was in the room with four others) on 10-key typing. Unfortunately, I haven’t used 10-key in a while so I was picking slowly but accurately. The scoring specialist saw my strengths in MS Excel so instead of her suggesting the runner job position at Apple, she recommended me for the material handler job position at Apple. I was sent home to do more applications by using their website.

Here’s where the extra blessing came in. While sitting in the lobby section of Volt (waiting for the next step after computer testing) I overheard about the job fair someone had told me about when I was still working at K-Designers. Since I already had a job, I didn’t place it on my calendar. But I did place it on Facebook so I went there to find the address. Since my friend Sylvia insisted on picking me up after the interview, I was able to tell her about the job fair. Since she is currently working at a place that she might be switching to another job soon, we both benefited by going there. God is so good! It’s time to go to prayer meeting to share! Since I won’t be at work during that time, it’s perfect timing to be able to go today.

Oh! And, also, I received two job leads from the job fair that is associated to counseling. I explained my case and they told me that even though I am waiting for a response from the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, I can fill out job application because they both provide supervision for intern counselors! So wonderful! So I can put in the applications (provide a cover letter to explain what I had told them in person) now and then they will place it in their files. So when I do receive a response from the Board, I can contact them and then they can pull out my file. I also found a company that does telecommunications (like I was doing at K-Designers) but they would have me do inbound calls instead of starting me with outbound calls first (I say “first” in relation to how K-Designers works). So, although I have a lot of forms to fill out, I am very blessed! 😀

First Month Working At K-Designers

Hello Readers,

I haven’t updated here in so long that many people may even wonder if I had found a job. LOL! XD

I went to an interview at K-Designers on July the 5th and was hired on the same day. The job position is called Call Center Representative. I had found the job description in the wee hours of the morning of June the 29th at The job description told me to contact Florence Reddy by phone and/or send in my resume. I sent in my resume that early Thursday morning but also called her twice (the first time she asked me to hold but didn’t come back to the phone). In between the two times of calling Florence, I had an Eric call me (I believe that was his name) to share with me the Marketing Director job position. However, I couldn’t do that one because I don’t have a car nor a driver’s license.

I remember all this well because I was at a women’s Bible study at Joyce Blair’s house. My phone started to ring and my Mom said to the ladies that it might be a job position since I had been filling out a lot of job applications. This was when Eric was calling me to see about the Marketing Director job position. It was Eric that also made me realize that the light rail station was nearby. This gave me hope in accepting job offers in the Rancho Cordova area. Eric explained that since I didn’t have a driver’s license that I would be a good match to work at the call center.

So, when I got back home from the Bible study group, I called Florence again to see about the Call Center Representative job position. I explained to her that one of her colleagues had called me to see about working as a Marketing Director and that I was interested in working at the call center. She wanted to interview me the following day but that was a short notice and it was on a Friday. So I scheduled the time for the interview on the following Wednesday.

I went through a nice week of training (July 11-14th) and would have started my first day on the call center floor on Saturday but I explained during the interview that I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and I will not work from Friday sunset until Saturday sunset. Then I had gave an ultimatum of working two shifts in one day. Florence had talked to the president of K-Designers to see if that would be a problem. Larry Judson, the president, said to Florence that it wouldn’t be a problem. Praise God!

I had shadowed Sadie Haskins on July the 14th for about 15 minutes or so (it’s part of the week of training). I sat there and took notes. I loved the set up and how the system works. I was ready to start my first day on the floors on Monday.

The first week was a challenged but my Magabook canvassing experience allowed me to endure (hence the reason why I had wanted to work at the call center; I had the skills to do so). I didn’t have any leads. The second week, I did two leads all because both of them spoke Spanish and so my fellow co-worker who is fluent in English and Spanish pitched and set the appointment. The third week, I did four leads. This week, only two. I thank my shift managers for helping me and giving me tips.

I had started with the PM shift but changed to AM shift this week for many reasons. I had kept going to bed late and then felt tired all day. Then, when I would do both shifts on Wednesday (to make up for not working on Saturdays), it was horrible! So, although I get up real early (4:45am) to get to work and eat breakfast before clocking in, I am able to come home and take a nap before going to bed for about five or six hours.

All in all, it’s a nice job and I am learning a lot while on the job. But I can’t wait to start my counseling career in California. I just have to wait for the California Board of Behavioral Sciences to review my application and to say what steps I need to make to either be an intern in California or if I need to take classes prior to even starting. 🙂