The Wilderness Experience – Easy Does It (Part 2)

Hello Readers,

About two weeks ago, I wrote a blog about my wilderness experience: I would like to share an update.

As the previous blog had mentioned, I had a Pidgeotto (the evolve version of Pidgey) who, under the right conditions, can evolve to another Pokemon. But I needed three more Pidgey candies to do this. However, unknown to myself, I had captured three more throughout those two weeks of not writing another blog here. So, this week, while I had captured another Pidgey, I had looked at the total amount of Pidgey candy and realized that I had 51 candies and not just the 50 candies required to evolve Pidgeotto.

This caused me to think from a spiritual point of view. We may become so used to the battle part of our spiritual journey that we may often miss out on the blessing that is right before us. Of course, we are to be aware that we are in a spiritual warfare and the devil is like a roaring lion trying to devour us (see 1 Peter 5:8). However, we may become so fixated on what the devil is doing that we forget to view what God is doing and has done for us. We might count our struggles more than our victories.

Watching a Pokemon evolve reminds me of how our bodies will change when Jesus comes back again.




The only thing I saw different in this evolution of a “new body” is that the Pokemon is registered into the Pokedex after it is changed (as in receiving a new body).


But, thinking it over, I see that, after we make a change, in deciding not to sin anymore (repent, confess, forsake, etc.), we are registered into the Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelation 21:27). As long as we remain faithful until the end, our names will remain there (Revelation 3:5).

So here is my strongest and most recently evolved Pokemon, Pidgeot.


Pidgeot’s CP and HP has dramatically increased. The wilderness experience for him was of a great gain. As mentioned before, my wilderness experience has included Bible verses (currently reading over and doing deep studying of Daniel 9 and Ezekiel 16), job applications (waiting on responses and submitting more resumes), reading (just finished The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome and Codependent No More two days ago), and volunteering to work with clients at Foundation House Ministries. Reviewing this list in detail, I see my great gain; my spiritual and mental knowledge (HP: Hit Points) has increased. And, now having two options of connecting with a Titus 2:3-5 woman, my CP (Combat Power) has also increased.

So the next time you pick up your smartphone to play Pokemon Go, just know that it can be more than a game. It can be life changing.

The Wilderness Experience – Easy Does It

Dear Reader,

It occurred to me that my moving from Ooltewah, TN to Cleveland, TN caused a pause in my leisure play of Pokemon Go. Yes, I am one of those that have this game app.


Unfortunately, I was unable to place the app onto my Windows smartphone. I am only able to play Pokemon Go on my iPod Touch. Therefore, I can only use WiFi to access the Internet (I do not have data on my iPod because it’s not a phone). Where we live, there are barely any Pokemons and absolutely any Pokestops to gather Pokeballs nor any Pokemon gyms (Pokeballs are needed to capture Pokemons; I have about 20 Pokeballs left).


So I am experiencing something that I have spiritually known as “the wilderness experience.” I had learned about this concept from Kanndis Geter; a lady who I had once done medical missionary work with. She had me to recall the story of Moses. After Moses had fled from the face of Pharaoh, he dwelt in the land of Midian (Exodus 2:15). While in Midian, he “kept the flock of Jethro” in the desert (aka: wilderness) (Exodus 3:1). The previous lifestyle Moses was used to was no longer available for him to access (just like I can no longer access the Pokestops at Southern Adventist University). While other things are no longer accessible, I am using this time to keep my “flock.” In the Pokemon Go app, my “flock” are my previous Pokemons I had already captured. Two of them, I have been able to grow and strengthen because I am able to capture the pre-evolve versions of them (need those to 1. increase their strength, called CP, and 2. evolve them).

Pidgeotto, the evolve version of Pidgey, has only 176 CP. I say “only” because I have viewed how those who are more serious in their Pokemon Go experience has their Pokemons’ CP in the four-digits (ex: 1,284). So, while in Cleveland, TN, I have been able to capture a lot of Pidgey Pokemons and, after transferring a Pidgey that I captured to Professor Willow, I receive one Pidgey candy. As you can view below, I only need to capture three more Pidgeys to evolve my Pidgeotto.


As for Raticate, this Pokemon is in the highest evolved state. However, it is on 312 CP. To increase the CP, I simply need to keep using the “power up” option.


So how is this associated with the “easy does it” (an old saying from Alcohol Anonymous) that is in my blog title? It is a slow process to increase the CP. The exact meaning is “Combat Power.” Combat power is needed to fight against another Pokemon in the gyms. When I think of combat power, I think on a spiritual realm. Moses was given a type of combat power. He learned how to deal with the children of Israel while they were experiencing their wilderness experience (Exodus 13:18) because he had kept the flock of Jethro’s for many years. I understand from those who have own sheep that being a shepherd is not an easy task. God had given Moses an important task to watch over His flock (Exodus 3:10) but, prior to this, God allowed him to experience a wilderness experience.

Are you also going through a wilderness experience? Is God preparing you for a future spiritual combat? To prepare, one must continue to put on the Christian armor (Ephesians 6:10-18). Avoid pessimistic and irrational thoughts. Continue to move upward and onward. One day at a time. Easy does it. For me, it’s literally one Pokemon at a time. In my realistic world, I have been taking it one verse at at time (encouraging verses found in the Bible), one job application at a time, one book at a time, and (while doing volunteer work at Foundation House Ministries), one client at a time.

And if you are in the process of recovering from any event or situation, I want to encourage you to take it one day at time. “Easy does it.” Don’t give up. Keep collecting your Pokemons and watching over your “flock.” Let go and allow your Higher Power (that is greater than yourself) to have control over what is out of control in your life. Let this Higher Power restore your sanity. Know that you are not alone and there is hope and help to conquer your despair.

Alcohol Anonymous

Steps in Recovery

Codependent No More – Audible Version of Book

The Best Part Of Downtime – Relationships

Hello Readers,

While reviewing phone address names and bloggers on my list, I just realized the best part of having downtime: relationships. Last week, I had called someone that I haven’t spoke to in a while. I encouraged her and she encouraged me. It was great to play catch up with her.

Not to re-hatch what I had previously written today (yes, two blogs in one day), I will refrain in explaining how downtime itself can be an opportunity. Instead, I will say this, relationships often die because we fail to keep in touch. So, if there is someone that you haven’t spoke to in a while, do not just send them a message through Facebook, Twitter, or even through a mobile device. Give them a call. Hear their voice. Or even Skype them to see their face expression. Reconnect with acquaintances and friends. Or, you will have years past by and will not be able to connect with them again because of change of address, phone number, or even death may hinder a reunion.

I’m trying to reach one person myself. Hopefully I will hear from her sometime next week.

Downtime With My Creator

Hello Readers,

Throughout the years of having “downtime” (in between jobs, missionary work, etc.), I have learned to take this as an opportunity to get to know my Creator more. At first, I did grumble and say “I WANT TO WORK!” but, in my early 20s, I was just starting to view the Bible and life differently. Sometimes, when we are so busy working or so busy with our life that is in front of us, we forget some basic things: just being.

As I am typing this, I am aware of the singing insects of the summer. Sometimes, it’s easy to tune out those sounds. Even the sound of myself typing reminds me to be present in the moment. Downtime like this doesn’t come often; especially the older one becomes (I haven’t had downtime like this for over four years). So, I say to simply enjoy it, reflect on life (blogging, journal-ing, etc.), and make it work for you.

For me, I find adventure in studying a subject in the Bible. I am currently studying on guiding principles on prayer (see blog with same title). Then I do some housework and review some of my textbooks. I also read for pleasure as well as my Counseling Today magazine. I try to do sometime creative as well before my family members return home. During the entire time, I tell myself to listen, feel, taste, smell, and see things I often overlook. Even a string on the floor!🙂 I take it all in and thank God for every moment.

I do create a memo list but don’t take it too seriously; stress is not needed at this time. The sad thing is that, any day, now, this time will be snatched away and I’m back to working again. But, until then, I’m enjoying every moment of it all!

Guiding Principles on Prayer

Hello Readers,

The following Bible study is a work in progress so here is what I have so far. I will continue to edit as I study this topic:


Study The Details Of:

  • Psalms 51 (David’s prayer)
  • Daniel 9:3-23 (Daniel’s prayer)
  • Matthew 6:9-12 (The Lord’s prayer)
  • John 17 (Christ’s prayer)

David’s Prayer – Psalms 51
Daniel’s Prayer – Daniel 9:3-23 (Note: This one is still in progress)
The Lord’s Prayer
Christ’s Prayer

Appendix A

Pre Post-Master Supervision

Hello Readers,

After completing my last class for the clinical mental health counseling program at Southern Adventist University, I had to wait for all the paperwork to be completed for my professor to send in a final grade at Records. Until then, I do not have a physical diploma. Today, I see that my final grade was submitted. I called Records to make a request that I would like to pick up my diploma instead of having them mail it to me. I had my undergraduate diplomas mailed to me because it came from Arizona (went to University of Phoenix by doing online classes in psychology). But, since I am still close to Southern, I would like to pick it up from there. Something about getting the diploma while on the school campus that is different than getting it from a mailbox. I mean, it’s not a utility bill or something. It’s an achievement that I would like to get from the school itself.

But that’s just me.🙂

In other news, I have been searching for someone who has the right requirements to be a post-master supervisor and is also willing and able to do so. After attempting to find a professor from Southern, I had found one lady from Lee University. But she charges $50 per session. Is that a reasonable price? The reason she charges is because she has to provide her own insurance and tax license for her private practice. One of the professors at Southern (who hasn’t transferred her supervision to Tennessee just yet; can only supervise students) recommended me another person who has his license in clinical social work. I had also contacted two other colleges to see if someone from the social work department (has to have “clinical” in their license) could also supervise me.

I have also been looking into two companies that provides professional liability insurance: HPSO and CPH and Associates. Healthcare Provider Service Organization (HPSO) is the same insurance company that provides professional liability insurance to ACA (American Counseling Association) members. Since I was a student (legally one until September), I was covered with this insurance. But once my student status stops, my insurance with them will expire. I will not tell you  more on which one I am going to choose and why because it isn’t my intention to promote either one. Everyone has a preference and should use what works for them.

So that’s what has been happening thus far. Looking for work as well. Foundation House Ministries would like for me to be their in-house counselor but has to wait for their grant(s) to come (supposed to be next month). Then, the last time I had known, they said that they won’t know how to divide the grant(s) up until January. In the meantime, my husband has been able to find work and not me.😦 So, I have changed my status from intern to volunteer at Foundation House. And, since I don’t have a supervisor, I haven’t been doing “counseling” at the office.

For reference, here are the following:

Rules of Tennessee Board for Professional Counselors, Marital and Family Therapists, and Clinical Pastoral Therapists:

  1. (click on the “click here” underneath the word “rules)
  2. (direct link)

Healthcare Provider Service Organization (HPSO):

CPH and Associates:

Saying Goodbye – Summer III, Week 14

Hello Readers,

It’s been a long journey but I made it! I completed my hours of internship two weeks (during week 12) and I also was able to walk during the summer graduation ceremony at Southern Adventist University. At the end of June, I was given the opportunity (along with other Behavioral Research Institute interns) to obtain direct and indirect hours at Foundation House Ministries (FHM). Dr. Vining was my supervisor for this site. Because I was getting more hours at FHM, there was no need to continue to gain hours at Health Management Services (Dr. Biller’s office). Foundation House liked me so much that they want to hire me but they will have to wait for their grant(s) to come through in September and then they will know how they are going to divide the grant(s) in January 2017.

Today, I said goodbye to the interns at Dr. Vining’s office (Youth Counseling Services) as well as my classmates at Southern Adventist University (those that had started the clinical mental health counseling track after I had started). I shed a lot of tears hearing the well remarks at Dr. Vining’s office. Dr. Vining prayed and sent me off with blessings.

So this chapter in my life is closed.

After all the paperwork and final grade is submitted, I will officially have my master degree in September (Southern graduates students monthly). That is when I will officially smile and grin; holding my master degree in my hand. Until then, I have the ability to volunteer my time at Foundation House (God granted my husband a job that will allow him to pay rent and all our bills; husband has given me his blessings on working at Foundation House).

But I’m not done yet.

I will have to research about professional liability for employees (employment as a mental health counselor) and also look into who could supervise me to calculate hours to become a candidate for the licensure exam (have to work 10 hours per week for two years in Tennessee while under supervision). So the journey is not completely over. It will be over when I have my LPC (licensed professional counselor). Or will it?😛

Edit: Since the time zone is off (apparently, WordPress thinks I still live in California, the “today” is August the 10th and not the 11th). I fixed the time zone in settings but it won’t change here. So annoying!