Amazing Grace – My “Last” Autobiography

Hello Readers,

I finished my “special gift” on my birthday. How wonderful! I was blessed in typing it up and I hope you will be blessed in reading it. As I have mentioned in the epilogue, I believe this is the “last” autobiography I have to share. However, I won’t be surprised if I find another one (as in notebook) that is full of my thoughts because I wrote a lot back then. :)

Amazing Grace


Hello Readers!

I had post the following on Facebook about two days ago. The topic: Parenting.

“Parenting is not easy. Some parents just give out entertainment to their children so they will leave the parents alone. [My husband’s name] and I have decided not to do such a thing. We want to guide our children so they can make choices on their own. We share the wisdom we have to offer (like Native Americans often do) and allow the natural consequences to be the teacher. But sometimes it is so hard to be patient when it appears our children are not learning from their mistakes. Yes, this is when parenting becomes a challenge. But, looking forward, I have the faith to believe the children will look back and remember what wisdom we had given to them and thank us for sharing such things with them. Yes, parenting can be frustrating at times, too. But to know that, from a spiritual aspect, we are not parenting our little ones alone (our Higher Power is with us) often makes the blow easier. So may us parents continue to encourage each other and lift not just our children in prayer but one another in prayer as well.” – Melanie Hubbard

He Leadeth Me – An Autobiography Written While Doing Missionary Work

Hello Readers,

I had started typing this one up years ago (2003?) and realized I never finished it. After typing a little here and there this year, I have finally finished. This autobiography is special because I had written it will going from one missionary project to another (hence, the title). I had grew spiritually from just being in the midst of service. I pray that it will also help you grow spiritually.

He Leadeth Me

Beyond the Fields of Green – Past Faith into Daily Walk

Hello Readers,

I am shocked to say that I am finished typing up “Beyond the Fields of Green” (what I called a notebook I used to note my experience, quotes, poems, etc.). I started to type it up this week and had finished it this evening. Because I’m so excited to share it as soon as possible, I did not review it over to see if I am missing some words or whatever. There are places that caps are not used on purpose so if you do see some lower cases where they are usually caps, it’s probably because I am quoting from a source that also wrote it in lower case. :)

Please feel free to give me feedback.

Beyond the Fields of Green

Be Thou My Vision – Soul Winning Bible Studies and Autobiography

Hello Readers,

For a while, I have been debating if I wanted to share my autobiographies by Internet. At first, I had given them out in a physical format to support “Women to Women Ministries” (asked for a donation of about $12-15). Then I had kept desiring to print them out because it made the book more personal to the receiver (I would either sign them or say “I hope you receive a blessing from reading it”). But now, my heart believes that if I was to place it on the Internet, more will be able to read it in a faster rate and be encouraged.

This is what God has done for me. Please enjoy the reading. :)

Be Thou My Vision – Layout

A Review on Crisis Counseling Course – Summer II, Session One

Hello Readers,

What? It’s been a whole month since I wrote here last? I cannot believe it! O_O

I had to take a “mental break” after the “crash course” of Crisis Counseling. :P It was like being in the midst of a crisis while taking the course. So ironic, huh? Well, I wasn’t the only one that was using that saying; other classmates were saying they “were in a crisis.” The instructor had our adrenaline going often during class. It helped us to know how it felt to be within a crisis. I also liked how we had to do a six-hour on-site observation task: observe staff, customers, and self during six hours. After the observation, we were recommended to do self-care (ex: exercise, sleep, etc.). Although I liked some of the online modules more than others (the presentation of one was so daunting that even other classmates said it was “boring”) and although the class was intense because summer courses are tight on time (less weeks compared to about 12 weeks in a fall or spring semester), the information was valuable. I would recommend this course to those that are taking one of the two counseling tracks at Southern. However, If Southern continues to offer this course, I would recommend one to take Multicultural Issues in Counseling course first (only so one will “know thyself” prior to learning how to assist in a crisis situation).