The Response From The California Board Of Behavioral Sciences – Part 2

Hello Readers,

I have mixed emotions in sharing the update of this original post: Simply put, I didn’t make the deadline and here is the official letter from the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Response from BBS - September 2018

I will have to do the application once again and also pay a high amount of money to do so. But it isn’t smart to start this process again in California because my husband and I will not be staying in this state for long. I will reapply when we move to another state. Not all states are as strict as California so I will have to read up on the requirements of the state we plan to move to and follow the guidelines of that board.


My Baby Girl Is Here!

Hello Readers,

Ugh! It’s been bloody murder in trying to get back here on my blog to update you all! Finally, I am able to get on because my lovely baby girl is sleeping more in the afternoon (passed the 15-20 minute power nap I get in the noontime). So, this is how the moment of her arrival went.

On May the 27th, Sunday, I thought my water had broke. I saw some odd “liquid” that came out of my that morning. My husband was already at work (Sutter Medical Center – Sodexo) so he couldn’t be my ride to the same hospital that he works at. I called my Mom and she told me to get the boys up. My Sister was in town so she also headed to the hospital. They ran two tests and concluded that it wasn’t my amniotic fluid. My Sister and I was like “Okay, if it isn’t amniotic fluid, then what was it?” Never found out. But I DID find out why my tummy was so big (no, no twins). I was carrying almost three times the average amount of amniotic fluid! So my baby girl was well protected! LOL!!!

The two tests they did was (1) using a cotton swab and taking that to the lab (took a long time to wait for the results; I just lay there listening to the heartbeat and hiccups of my unborn baby girl) and (2) an ultrasound to measure the amount of amniotic fluid I was carrying.

So, when the evening came, my water finally broke! I was sitting on my bedding and looking over past Bible studies I had done to find out if I had did one that I had written on a Post-It note and had placed as a memo in my Study Bible. To this day, I still don’t know if I had did that Bible study! Hence I have been so busy taking care of my baby girl that will be a month old this coming Monday. Why on Monday? Because I had my strong contractions about 10:00pm and didn’t have my C-Section until after midnight; on Monday morning.

It was very comical on how my water broke. I was so glad I was curious that evening even though it was after 10 o’clock at night. So, while slowly turning the pages in my greenish-blue folder, I felt an intense contraction. I said to myself “I should start timing these contractions because that was a powerful one.” So, when the next one came, liquid just oozed out right away (rather warm and squishy). I yelled out at 10:20pm “[Husband’s name]! It’s time to go to the hospital!” This time around, the boys were spending the night with my Sister and my parents.

Once again… wait! Was this the time when my Sister had came to the hospital? Or did she come twice? Eh… I dunno! I will have to ask her and edit this (I need to keep typing up quickly before baby wakes up). Well, once again, I was raced to the hospital without breaking the law. LOL!!! I was so in pain every three or four minutes. My contractions were hitting that frequently. I had to explain while in pain to the registered nurse that I was sitting at the desk that I was scheduled for a C-Section early tomorrow morning but my water had broke tonight. I was actually leaking so bad (my amniotic fluid) that the nurses had to mop it all up. One almost skid in it!

The doctor that was on call for my doctor examined me and gave the okay for me to have a C-Section that night instead of waiting for the early  morning or having me to have it naturally. They gave me some nasty fluid to drink since I had told them I had just ate about 9 o’clock so that I wouldn’t have any nausea. They also prepared for me to have a spinal tap instead of an epidermal (I had an epidermal last time). I mentioned that I had scoliosis and it was a good thing because they had to be very careful to not hit my spine.

I was rolled into the surgery room at 12:17am (I looked at the large LED clock and sighed because it meant that my baby wouldn’t be born on May the 27th but the 28th; both dates were given as her due date, the second one was given first). I asked if my husband could come in before I was numbed and they said “no.” I started to panic because it was him that caused me to calm down last time. This time, I had to pray to ask for God to be my strength and oasis. It was VERY HARD! I felt so close to death.

The operation team asked for me to move CLOSER to the needle, curve my back like a ball, and sit by bending my legs up and out (placing my feet together). They were taking so long that my legs started to get numb and I couldn’t scoot towards the needle once they asked me to. I had to ask them kindly if I could place my legs down so that the blood could flow back to them. The two that was paying attention to my spine was paying so much attention to that certain part of the body that they were neglecting to look at my body as a whole and not realizing that when I had said my legs were numb that I wasn’t talking about the medication was inside my body already; I was talking about the lack of blood flow. Once they allowed my legs to relax, I could move my body closer and my spine could curve like a ball. Curving my spine was rather difficult because I had taught my body to sit straight because of two reasons: (1) I used to use a back brace and (2) to allow no pain in my spine, the medical publications that my doctor gave to me as an adolescent recommended me to keep my posture straight. So, I have to do something that was not natural during the time my body was already under stress—contractions every three minutes.

Once they were finally able to numb my body, I slowly felt relieved. They told me to quickly slide down in the position they needed me to be in so they could start the operation. THEN my husband and Sister came in. Oh, it was so great to see them! While the needle went in, I had cried and screamed. I couldn’t hold the pain in any longer. Giving birth either vaginally or by C-Section is painful! It was much worse since my body is getting older and I am so tiny. I know it’s not the same for everyone. Some ladies go through birth with ease. I am one of those that are in intense pain. But it’s so worth it! You quickly forget the pain once you see the wonderful baby girl or baby boy.

They had a blue screen up so I couldn’t see the operation. My Sister asked me if she could record it and show me later on. I said “NO!!! I don’t want to see myself cut open. That’s a huge cut to be seen!” It’s not like a small paper cut. I would puke!

I remember the first thing I noticed about my baby girl. Her cute, little mouth and her perfect curve of her tongue resting above her bottom gums. So cute! ^_^ They took her away to get her clean. My husband and Sister rush over to where they took the baby.

I remember them taking me to my room. The next thing I recalled was noticing that they had placed a catheter in me. I was so annoyed to find this out! I guess I kept peeing on myself. I thought that was hilarious. But I had wanted to not have it in this time around (last time, it was an option that I had asked for so I didn’t have to get up and down to go to the bathroom). Last time, the tube rubbed so much on my leg that it started to peel my flesh off (I’m that tiny).

Sorry for the gruesome details! But giving birth is gruesome to some. I’m just glad I can recall this now and wanted to place the moments down somewhere before I am not able to relate them.

I was in the hospital for two days. When it was day two, my doctor came in to ask if I wanted to be released. I told him that it was really up to him. At the end, I stayed there for that second day. When he came the next morning, I kindly asked him if we (as in the baby and I) could go home. So he signed my release forms. Day two was just too stressful! I had so many medical and others come in to check me, check the baby, and also give us forms and other “stuff” (even take pictures while in the hospital). I was so annoyed that I had to ask for my husband to talk to them when he came into my room during his lunch break (remember, reader, that he worked at the same hospital I gave birth). Even my baby was crying whenever someone else came into the room on day two. She was even ready to leave!

When I had my first child, the medical (and other) personnel came on the first day and not the second day to bombard me with all of the questions and extra forms that could help baby and I. I guess they couldn’t come the first day because it was a holiday (Memorial Day).

Well, there you have it. That is how it all happened. 🙂

Oh! I forgot to mentioned how I felt nauseated when I had tried to get up when the medical personnel said I could attempt to try (was that day two, not sure). The catheter was still inside of me so the registered nurse had to hold the tub around the bed so I had room to move. I had to sit back down and try another time. It was very hard for me to do so. It was the same day, I think, when they wanted to remove the band-aid that was around my surgical cut for the C-Section but they never got to it. Then I had an accident the following morning and had to remove it on my own. I had called the registered nurse so she would know where I was (in the bathroom) and to also let her know that the baby would be unattended so, if she cried, no one would be able to aid her.

So, yea, I went through a lot but I have survived! And baby girl is here and receiving a lot of love and care!



Last Blog Before Unborn Baby Arrives

Hello Readers,

This will be my last blog before I have my C-Section on May the 28th (or, if unborn child decides to come earlier than scheduled). Shortly after writing my last blog entry, I used some of the tax return my spouse and I had received for filing our 2017 taxes to pay for Psychopharmacology Survey Course that is online through Alliant International University (to recall why I have to take this course, please read a previous blog entry of mine here). I have been watching the lectures; looking at the PowerPoint presentations; and taking the quizzes for four weeks, now (went over foundations, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders). They are allowing me to take the quizzes 101 times and I can re-watch the lectures. I’m just wondering that, after I take the final exam, will I still have access to the lectures and PowerPoint presentations. According to the syllabus, I can only take the final exam twice. I’m hoping and praying that I will pass the final exam so that I won’t have to repay for this course; it’s almost $600. 😦

In the meantime, my unborn baby girl is growing every week and continues to move in my womb (she’s moving as I type and I often am stopping to reposition my belly; she’s stretching and it is stretching me out to the limit). I have been looking and applying for remote/work-from-home jobs at LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter so I can continue to receive income from a job while being either pregnant or post-natal. H&R Block was a nice job opportunity because I was able to continue to work in my seasonal job position until I became too big for me to waddle to the workplace. Now, it is rather difficult for me to get out of the vehicle and walk from a parking spot that is about five parking spaces from whatever establishment I need to walk into (for example, WalMart parking space #5 to the front door is a challenge). I cannot sit in an “L” position because unborn baby’s back/butt (in which she has a name but I am not placing it on my blog) is protruding too far out that I don’t have much of a lap any more—I have to sit like I am a male; I cannot close my legs and  remain comfortable in that position. So practicing driving is not even happening and I really don’t think it is safe to drive when the driver’s belly is protruding this far out. I’ll have to wait until I have my baby to get back in the driver’s seat once again to practice for driving test.

Simply put, I will be so grateful to have it just me in my body instead of me and unborn child!

As for getting our apartment more homely, my husband bought me a bookshelf from a store I will not say because half of it broke on him when he was sliding it from our living room to our bedroom. I am still using the shelves to the broken half by using cement blocks to hold the shelves up (that is what my TV sits on). So the only boxes left on our bedroom floor are the ones we usually have underneath our bed frames but we don’t have bed frames yet to place those boxes underneath. We still need to buy a dresser to hold our clothing (still using plastic storage containers). I bought some more wall art today to reduce the look of blank walls in our living room.

To update about my husband’s family’s “thing”: unfortunately, my husband’s family was bamboozled (to say it moderately) and someone had either forged my father-in-law’s signature or had my father-in-law to sign his estate away while he wasn’t in his right mind and, therefore, all of my father-in-law’s estate is going to some random person instead the family. The lawyer told my husband there was nothing he could do. It caused a snowball effect on my mother-in-law in which I will not share here. It really caused a mess for us because, since my husband had to go out of town to deal with all this legal issue, my husband had took off of work and, therefore, we lacked that portion of his income. So this pushed us back in getting more necessary furniture into our apartment (i.e. beds). Just to get off of the floor, we might end up buying air mattresses. I’m the fortunate one that has my Snoogle pregnancy pillow to sleep on and other nice cushions that I had for myself when we did have a bed (including the usage of one comforter and four blankets). I keep reminding my husband that it is hard financially right now and it will not always be this way. I also keep reminding him to deal with providing for the family together with God but he keeps saying that his human side continues to worry.

I hope in sharing all of this allows someone out there to know he/she is not alone. I hope you also know that it is just hard for this moment in time in your life. Things can turn out to be better. Search for resources in your community. Find people that care and want to help you become the best you can be (ex: social worker, case worker, pastor, mental health counselor, case manager, etc.). You do not have to be alone in this! Please reach out to others that can help you.

I Just Want To Praise The Lord

Dear Reader,

Have you ever heard the song “I Just Want To Praise The Lord” by Wintley Phipps? It’s one that I have been hearing echoing in my head for a while, now. God is so good and I am happy to share with you my experience here by blogging.

In March, I had mentioned that my family and I were going to be moving into our own place in a few weeks. Unfortunately (or fortunately), that didn’t happen. The owner of the house decided to keep the house in the family; we couldn’t rent from him. So my husband and I kept looking for another place. We even went back to the apartments that we had once resided in prior to moving to Tennessee. They wanted the tenants to have income of three times the rent. We didn’t make that much so we couldn’t return to this apartment complex.

I looked around at other places for rent at and I started to look around the area that was easy commute for my husband since both of us at that time had to rely on Regional Transit (RT) to take us to and from work. Notice I said “at that time” (there’s more of an explanation to come later on). Finally, I looked into Pocket-Greenhaven area—the area we used to live in prior to moving away to Tennessee. I had found three apartment complexes that were having a “deal” at that time. I made arrangements to have a tour at two of them (the third one never gave me an appointment and sounded as if they really weren’t ready for another tenant). After my husband compared the two apartment complexes, we settled on one. At first, it appeared that we might had to have help from another source to help pay for the final few dollars or so since we had to pay for partial of the monthly rent as well as rental insurance (something new that used to not be a part of our monthly budget when renting from an apartment). However, God made a way that we used our own funds. We have been in our own apartment for about a month, now

It even took a while for us to get our tax returns but, when it finally came, it was right on time. I still plan to use some of our tax returns to pay for my two courses that are needed for me to obtain my intern status in California. My husband and I just need to sit at a computer and make the payment to the right online courses that I had looked up in September of last year; the one that the California Board of Behavioral Sciences had said they would accept. Between working, unpacking, getting ready for baby, and other errands, it hasn’t been easy to find time. I barely found time to write here in my blog to update you all.

This week will be my last week working at H&R Block as a client service professional (front office work) for this tax season. Last week, I only worked on Sunday so that allowed me to unpack and set up items for the baby (I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant). It also allowed me to get the kitchen and the bathroom more ready than it was prior to last week. We still have boxes but that is mainly because we don’t have the furniture to place the items onto a shelf or in a drawer (we had to get rid of all of our wood before moving back to California because we had bed bugs). But the apartment is slowly coming along.

We were also blessed to obtain transportation—a 2005 (or is it a 2004?) Volvo SUV. Months ago, we found out about a strip of vehicle sale lots that cater to those with bad credit, no credit, and/or those that have low income (inexpensive prices). So we knew where to go once we received our tax return. We just had to be patient and also show God that we could take care of a vehicle once we received one. Our prior vehicle, a Ford Aeorstar, was much older and was worn in various places. It also had a lot of problems: water leak inside whenever it rained, antifreeze kept leaking out, etc. Whenever we found out that it wouldn’t pass admission into California, my husband decided to sale it to one of his coworkers that needed transportation. He was told about the various problems the van had but still wanted to buy the vehicle. So I see that God gave us a starter vehicle to see if our entire family would be gentle with a newer and better-taken-care-of vehicle that He would love to give to us. Our SUV only had one owner and that in itself is a blessing. The owner took good care of it so it looks very new.

Today was another blessing. My husband was asked about three weeks ago to share his testimony at Maranatha Church. Today was the day he shared it. Whenever I listen to his testimony, it reminds me of how wonderful God is. People have told him he should write out his story and place it in a booklet form. I had wanted to write out my story myself but never have placed it in an official book. I have only written several autobiographies and decided to placed it online for others to read it for free (please find it here at my blog). They are all written in an electronic booklet form. I have sold several copies of my first and second autobiography and used the money to further Women To Women Ministries; a ministry I was the founder for about fifteen years ago. Unfortunately, the ministry ended up being “woman to women” instead of “women to women” so, since I didn’t received the extra help I was hoping to end up having, I stopped that ministry. Years later, I created a Facebook group with the same name so that women could share their missionary stories, recipes, and inspiring scriptures or Ellen G. White quotes that way (this was the basic of the ministry). I had originally designed it for Seventh Day Adventist women but women of other church denominations can benefit from it.

As for me learning how to drive, I have turned my husband down at least twice so far in driving around the city with him in the passenger seat. He keeps catching me at a time when I have a lot on my mind. As I had mentioned before, I received my learner’s permit in October of last year (I passed the knowledge test at DMV) but haven’t had anyone willing to allow me to get behind the wheel to practice for my driving test (I have to schedule and pass it within a year of obtaining my learner’s permit). My husband told me that it appears that he will have to be my teacher once we get our own vehicle. And since we have had our vehicle for going on two weeks, he will be my driving teacher—once I say “yes” to driving. I will have to remind him that I would like to continue to train in a parking lot before driving around the city. I would like to work on my turns and staying in the correct lane. Although I have driven on the roads before, it really stresses me out because I don’t have enough confidence that I am doing the right things to avoid an accident.

There is another thing I can share when it comes to my husband’s family and what he has to deal with because of the passing of his biological father but we cannot share this with the public for obvious reasons. I just would like to ask for my readers to pray for this situation because, if things go to plan (as a lawyer is working on this case), it will definitely change us as a family unit when it comes to material things.

Hopefully I will be able to write here one more time before my daughter is born but I might be writing my next blog while in the hospital with my new born. May God continue to show you who He really is; not a tyrant but a God of love and peace. May you find reassurance of this through my blogging and through other testimonial outlets. For I know whom I have believed in and He is faithful to those who trust in Him.


The Beginning of March 2018

Hello Readers,

Not much to update but, since I haven’t even written here for this year, I thought I would say a few words.

My baby girl is still in my belly. She is very wiggling and I wonder if this was what my Mom felt when I was in her belly. She thought I was a boy since I was moving so much. I am her second girl so my sister was the inactive one. I tease my Mom and say “I still have a lot of energy while my sister…” Well, you guess what I had said next. It is in a loving way. *Sings* I love my sister, I do!

I’m loving my seasonal job with H&R Block; working the front office! It’s been a blast but, unfortunately, it will be ending soon (April 17th, I believe). I hope us H&R Block associates will have a type of end-of-the-tax-season party (for just us associates to say “Good bye” to each other). When it comes to getting another job right away, I told my husband I want to actually spend time with our new born before starting up working again. I need to actually do those two courses the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) requires me to do prior to obtaining intern status in California. Once I obtain intern status, I have a job lined up for me (as in my counseling career). Hmm… I need to actually send an email to the respective personnel to let her know that I am still interested in that position; I’ll make a note of that to do so.

As for driving, I haven’t been able to find someone who will be consistent with me. My husband already said that, once we get our own vehicle, he will be the one that will be my teacher. Today, after lunch, I drove a bit in the parking lot to practice my turns and parking.

Oh! Another good news is that my husband and I (as well as our children, of course) are about to move into our own place. We should be able to move in about two weeks (Yay!!!).

Well, I guess I DID have a lot to say (as in update). Hee, hee!

I doubt if I will be back at my blog until after my daughter is born (she’s due in May) so… yea! 🙂


Updates Before 2017 Is Gone

Hello Readers,

I found out what type of sex the unborn baby will be about two weeks ago; it’s a girl! So, once this one is born, I will have a boy and a girl (a complete set)! I’m speaking as of children are toys. LOL! But it’s nice to know before I give birth what the sex of the baby will be.

Another update: H&R Block training for the receptionist (also known as client service professional) has been a blast! At first, I had to figure out why I couldn’t clock in (yes, it’s pain training) at home. Then I realized that the H&R Block office where I work still uses Internet Explorer (Yeck!) so I tried to use that web browser at home and then it worked! However, Internet Explorer at home would not allow me to watch their videos while using Block Academy (the app that is for training purposes). So, I found out with Chrome that it is blocked (as in a pop-up). Therefore, I have to clock in by using Internet Explorer and then use Chrome to watch the videos for the training (just select the “allow pop-up” option). Well, I finally finished the training today (yay, me!) but my boss would like me to come into the office on Tuesday for hands-on training. Yay!

Umm… I believe that is it (as in updates).

Hmm… Yea, there is really nothing else to update on. Except I was able to drive one time in my sister’s rental (yes, she was the passenger so I did it all legal). That was the first time I had driven at night. I was originally going to just back up so my Dad could remove his car from the garage but she had me to drive around a couple of blocks. So, I really need to get more practice in driving before it is October 2018 or I will have to pay once again for the knowledge test and the driving test. Wait! Is it just for the driving test since I already passed the knowledge test? O_o I have to double-check on that one. :/

Well, Happy New Year to my readers and I hope this year will be an awesome year for you!


Exam, Wildlife, Selling on Amazon, and Training

Hello Readers,

I didn’t update about how the exam for my life insurance agent went. I passed! I was determined to take it despite my flu-like symptoms; not sure if it was the result of having my flu shot or if I actually had the flu. I was on day one of taking my amoxicillin and went to the test center with a mask on. I only had two coughing spells but kept on taking the exam. Now that I am writing it many days later, I cannot recall how many I had correct. There were 75 questions and they gave us (I was taking the exam with others) an hour and a half. I finished with about 15 minutes left. As the result of passing this exam, the state is in the process of paperwork so I can officially say I have my California Insurance Life-Only Agent license.

In the meantime, I have continued my field training with my upline, Claudia Zamora, at Primerica. Because I cannot discuss services/products offered by Primerica without my license or certifications, I cannot share such items on my own. There is at least one more license I need to obtain to be able to do so: Securities license (teaching how to invest money). I have known about Primerica since 2012 and I plan to continue with this amazing company that desires to educate everyone about finances so that everyone will know their financial options. So my next step would be to obtain securities license.

Last week was a rather interesting one. My poor mother was sick with flu-like symptoms but didn’t believe she received the symptoms from me. She was unable to attend the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex in Willows, CA. This was a trip planed by Capital City SDA Church. I went with my father and my two boys. There were many different types of birds and they were either flying or spending their time on the waterlike marsh area. It was very beautiful!

Here is my favorite photo that I had took of the experience while riding on the bus (we stepped off of the bus for about an hour to view the birds without glass in between):

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex

The following day, I went to a few stores with a friend in hoping to find their clearance section and buy items that we can sell them on Amazon using the FBA method ( Yes, this is legal. As long as it is yours (you own the item), you can buy it and then sell it on Amazon. My friend had thought up the idea and decided to use my selling and socializing skills to help her with the online portion of this affair. I was excited but sadden that our outcome was zero items. The first place, Walmart, had WiFi for us to look up the item online before buying but the Walmart was too new; no clearance section. The second place had clearance but no WiFi. When we finally arrived to Target, the items they had on clearance could not be sold brand new or we wouldn’t have made a profit. We will try again tomorrow.

I had finally heard from H&R Block in regarding a job position! I totally forgot I had applied online months ago. They interviewed me on Friday for the receptionist job position. The interviewer asked me if I didn’t mind working at other H&R Block offices. I told her that as long as I am able to get to the office by Regional Transit (RT), I don’t mind being assigned to another office. Right before I was able to update here at WordPress, another H&R Block office manager called me to ask if I was willing to work in the Rancho Cordova area. I told her that was fine because I had went by light rail to the Rancho Cordova area before and knew I could get to her office. She is willing to give me paid-training and will keep in touch with me; will email me some details. She asked me to be prepared to come in on Wednesday at a specific time to start my training. Praise the Lord!